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Consultancy Work
The company has eminent personalities attached with it who are well renowned in the Telecom and Networking areas. Some of them are expert in their one way. The company, by using advanced technologies likes Microwave, Co-axial, provides network solutions. Some of the recent consultancy works undertaken by us are as follows:
  • We have undertaken a consultancy project in collaboration with MP Datanet of Bhopal for NHDC (Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation), which is a joint venture of NHPC and M.P Government.
  • We were consultants for doing the due diligence for OPTEL Factory in Bhopal. This factory manufactures Optical Fiber Cable.
  • We have also prepared a project report for Agriculture department of Rajasthan Government in collaboration with M/s Mindzberg consultancy company.
  • We have been awarded the work of WiMAX report preparation by an ISP company based in Ludhiana.
  • We have undertaken a study on the topic of “Economic Empowerment of Women through Rural Telephony” by NCW. National Commission of Women is a Government Department located at Delhi.
  • We have been consultants to a Mumbai based company for microwave tower work. This company is supplying tower to BSNL for both GSM as well as USOF tower. We have been advising then as fabrication as well as execution related activities.